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Recent tweets has a neat animated Bitcoin script interpreter and debugger for those who want to better…EF

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@brianchoffman It’s at the bottom of the README on
“The reason is that I want to stay an…TU

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Full validation sync of Gocoin 1.9.5 with secp256k1 library enabled took my machine 12 hours, 32 minutes to get…PB

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SomsenRuben Full nodes announce all transactions to peers. This can waste bandwidth since they often already have the…D4

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@NMcCay @APompliano I don’t see any arguments to rebut. I hope @kdrum’s articles aren’t always so lacking in substance.

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pierre_rochard How many Transactions per Second are possible in one Payment Channel of Bitcoins Lightning Network?…ri

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87 people currently have open pull requests to @bitcoincoreorg
The median open PR adds 39 lines, removes 13 lines,…0N

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@jjaone The sole developer wishes to retain full control over licensing. Open source just means that the source…HJ

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Running the Gocoin implementation of Bitcoin has been a real treat - the built-in web interface makes it…Fz

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@ChartsBtc @jimmysong You can get decent acer laptops on sale for under $200 if you’re patient.

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@pdubl22 Hard to say without more testing, but you’ll still probably want an SSD and a fast CPU.

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Geth fixed the consensus bug I hit during earlier testing and drastically reduced disk I/O usage for their 1.8.19…ZZ

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alexbosworth Running for over ten years
No central control
Globally distributed
Resisted state-actor-level efforts to shut it…jM

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If you ever want to experience what it’s like to fight a honeybadger, try playing Gorn.…

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Ladies, if he:

- tells you to trust him, don’t verify what he says
- won’t stop making “amazing pre-sale offers”…kz

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Once “Big Cannabis” companies start spending huge sums lobbying governments, the prohibitions will come crashing…NK

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Bitcoin’s bottom-up governance visualized via block propagation. Global consensus emerges through crypto anarchy.

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@pierre_rochard High time preference psychology is predictable alright.

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@APompliano This is a great example of the trickiness of “decentralized” - there are aspects of these systems…P7

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@PeterMcCormack I can neither confirm nor deny information of that nature.

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Companies that wish to survive crypto winter will have to think outside of the blocks.

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