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CFO: “I thought we raised $100M, where did it all go?”
CTO: “We lost most of it to slippage and volatility.”

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(headline from the future)

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‘Member March, when we were told Bitcoin Unlimited was on trajectory to take over the network? Behold, a newly…s6

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WeRateBitcoiner Meet @lopp. A Modern Cypherpunk. The human backend behind one of the most secure wallets. Famously dubbed Bitcoin “…5f

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@mat_podesta Critics will always find something to be critical about. I stopped worrying about them long ago.

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@brianchoffman Oh, I get it - @ViaBTC’s thing is actually an SCO!

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Q: Any thoughts on recent price movements?
A: Same thoughts as usual:

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@khannib Yes, but consolidations have historically happened every weekend. Not nearly as pronounced as in the…18

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Bitcoin UTXO set size is normally an upward slope but this month it seems to have found a rare equilibrium.…IQ

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Some say Bitcoin isn’t an experiment b/c it’s valued at X. IMO, as long as discoveries are being made about the system, it’s an experiment.

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@AviAisenberg @Melt_Dem @StellarOrg Yeah, that’s a big turn-off. Though it is pretty cheap to create a fresh fake Facebook account…

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Ethereum users really want to know why miner consensus isn’t emerging to increase the gas limit (block size.)…HV

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@brucefenton I’m completely uninterested in having to figure out how to implement a replay protection hack at the application layer.

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If blockchains compete based upon on-chain tx fees it would result in a race to the bottom. Popular chains would be too expensive to verify.

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@GaryBriane In the crypto world? You really just have to submerge yourself into the community and then figure out…ks

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@GaryBriane Yep, the version of SegWit we expect to activate by August is the same as has been deployed on BTC…6K

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fra_berni On the @smithcollege campus, a course to teach students how to fail via @jess7bennett and @nytimes

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Ethereum’s ICO accepted BTC
ERC20 ICOs today accept ETH
Future ICOs will accept ERC20 tokens
Crypto assets keep branching & getting weirder

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Relatively few retail transactions need censorship resistance.
Almost all wealth needs protection from third party meddling.

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@_hashcash There are closer to 100K nodes but remember mining is also big part of security. Diff nodes have diff…nq

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@ARKblockchain @numerai Why would you want to hold NMR tokens if you aren’t going to use them to stake on your own predictions?

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Scarcity isn’t in the tokens but rather in infrastructure & security of the network a token enables you to access.…

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