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@killerstorm @esthon As one of the contributors to Core 0.15, I can confirm that I am not employed by Blockstream. 🙃

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Bitcoin’s mempool clears out a lot faster now that Chinese exchanges aren’t making many transactions…

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@Lyth0s To maximize your sovereignty within the system, you should validate your BTC holdings by backing them with a full node.

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Those who would sacrifice self sovereignty to gain scalability shall ultimately have neither.

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@twobitidiot At this rate they may be obsolete before they’re formed. Who needs a market when an assassin drone will suffice?

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bradheath Thanks to a mixup, we now know the FBI authorized its informants to commit serious crimes 381 times last…l8

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Cryptogovernance is what happens to governance when you remove violence from the equation.

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@myetherwallet @kyletorpey @Twitter In my personal experience you can get denied by @Twitter many times, but once…s3

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HODLing BTC is a constant test of your understanding.
Bad case: you fall prey to FUD & sell.
Worst case: you lose everything.

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@matt_odell @CryptoKnight2 That would make sense from the ICO runner’s perspective, though color me surprised if…JO

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China may prove that the concerns about miner centralization were well-founded. Good luck, China: we’re watching……

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@CryptoKnight2 Indeed; I wonder if the celebs accept BTC 😬

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@storming_j Yeah, plus there are so many questionable ICOs now that there’s little point trying to tear them down……pn

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I’ve been offered as much as 1 BTC per tweet to promote questionable ICOs. Something to keep in mind when you see folks pumping such ICOs.

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Would you rather buy a Lambo this year or a Koenigsegg next year?…

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Q: Who controls Bitcoin?
A: Anyone who cares enough to enforce the rules to which they agree.

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@matshenricson Such has always been the case. Little point worrying about what others think; paradigm shifts are…DW

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jimmysong I just published “Bitcoin and Virtue Part 1: Prudence”…

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@matshenricson The opportunity to increase your BTC holdings by extracting value from those who support forks with which you disagree.

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@matshenricson Yes, but you can’t stop people from doing reckless things in a permissionless system. You can…IY

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If you think forks are an attack on Bitcoin then embrace the opportunity. Forks can’t be stopped; the grand experiment must continue.

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