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My face when surrounded by extended family at Thanksgiving.

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You mean there’s more to a crypto asset’s value than just transaction volume? 🤔…

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If you’re currently waiting on a new account at a Bitcoin exchange/broker to get verified and enabled, how long have you been waiting?

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AGSchneiderman Over the last 6 mos, my office has investigated a massive scheme to corrupt the @FCC’s comment process…KC

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@eyeone I doubt most of our transactions are B2B; they’re generally B2C. Exchange => user, user => exchange and…ar

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Bitcoin is a lesson in personal responsibility; ignorance is negligence. Learn from cryptohistory and other people’…o9

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@Midas__Mulligan It’s fine to use such services for buying and selling; minimize your risk by keeping crypto…QF

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@FFBitcoins No one has the power to exclude people or stop them from making poor decisions in this system.

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@voince A hardware wallet such as a Trezor or Ledger.

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@FFBitcoins If they only way they can partake is by introducing systemic risk then no, better for everyone if they stay away.

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@FFBitcoins Coinbase has pretty strong security, but if you keep your money stored with them you have completely…Dr

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There’s no stop loss order that can stop your loss if a crypto asset exchange is compromised. ‘Tis safer to HODL than to FODL.

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NickSzabo4 At first, they say it’s “theoretically impossible.”

Then, “Maybe possible, but certainly not practical.”

Then, “…Av

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@mizteranders0n Be fearful when people are greedy and greedy when people are fearful.

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Don’t buy bitcoin - it’s gonna crash!

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Registered: 373,755
Renewed: 494,143
Expires: 599,333
Trustworthy timestamped history began at 0 on January 3…oJ

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Verifying my Blockstack ID is secured with the address 162rUyjL1NiwHhWuta4KPExTamFZaSmMsD

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Blockchain explorers are better with a third dimension! H/T @KevnSmall…

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@khannib If this is true, the person who recovered the BCH from SegWit addresses wants a 30% cut for their services.…

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